Minimum and Maximum age to play?

Recommended age 10-60.

Parental guidance advised for kids aged 10-14. If you have any existing physical conditions, please consult a doctor before participating.

Minimum number of Players required?

10 players is the minimum. Should you wish to carry on with less than 10 players, we will still be able to conduct the game for you as long as you are able to meet the payment for Min 10 Pax. This is to cover our setup and transportation costs. 

What happens if it rains just before or during the game?

The guns are water resistant however they are not waterproof. If it is just a slight drizzle, we will still carry on the game.

However if it starts to rain heavily, we will move indoors to seek shelter till the rain subsides. We will extend the gameplay by a maximum of 30mins if need be! 

Also, do inform us at least 1 hour before the game starts should you wish to postpone the game and we will book another date for you at no additional costs.

Alternatively, we can plan ahead by having an indoor venue as a backup location. Do let us know 1hr in advance as well! The booking fee (should the venue require) will be charged even if it is not used!

What if one of the players is suddenly unable to make it for the game?

Don't worry! We will only charge according to the total strength at the start of the game.

I have an awesome idea that can make the game more enjoyable for my Lasertag party!

Do tell us your expectations and ideas for the game and we will try our best to meet it!